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We are the Reality Kings and we make great porn. One of our top sites is 40 Inch Plus. Sure, fourty inches of ass is plenty but, as with anything good, you always want to improve and do something even better!

That is why we developed Monster Curves. Now the ladies are hitting 50 iches around the waist and that means more cushion for the pushin. If you know what I mean!

You are probably wondering if going so large is really a good thing. Maybe her ass is all dimples and orange peel? Hell no! We only video tape the hottest babes in Miami. Believe me when I tell you, Miami is full of 50 inch plus babes with flawless skin and heavenly rumps.

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Monster Curves
Monster Curves
Videos of Manual getting a stripper for his birthday with a bootylicious ass. Charisma videos from

The women at Monster Curves are picked based on ass worship criteria. First, they have to have a thick waist. Second, they have to have a thick waste and a hot face! Finally, they must have a bubble butt. I mean it must be plump. Like it is going to explode under pressure. Oh, and it must be covered in oil.

In the seven years we have been in business, we haven't been this excited about opening a new site before. All of the guys here at Reality Kings are Ass Men. Shit, even some of the ladies here are into the thick booty. Heh, some have a thick booty! We have been shooting bubble butt content for months and we are finally ready to lay it on you.

We update Monster Curves on a weekly basis. That means you get another big ass video and the accompanying high resolution pics. Each video is broken down into several parts. Plus, we break them down even further into 1 minute clips so you can skip to the good parts. All of our videos can be downloaded or streamed to your monitor.

Everyone at is feeling so generous lately that we are offering you a $4.95 - 3 day trial. This trial gives you access to several of our other sites too! They include sites like 40 Inch Plus, MILF Hunter and Round and Brown. You can get a list of them on our Reality Kings web site.

Make your move to Monster Curves and the Reality Kings network now before we come to our senses!

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